Saturday, March 20, 2010

Third Day Of Spring Break

Well, yesterday was the third and final day of my daughter's spring break from school. I didn't get to get any extra sleep on any of the three days she was out of school. Thursday night we went to bed a bit later than normal and my son woke me up not once, but twice during the night. I think he was trying to get his last one year molar in. I felt his gums today and yay! That last one year molar has FINALLY broke through so hopefully that will help him. At least for now, he still has more teeth to come in at some point but maybe he'll get a small break between them.

To top off my Thursday night's sleep, hubby had to get up early on Friday to leave early for work so his alarm woke me at about 6:30am. I think I had just dozed back off when he woke me again at about 7am to let me know he was leaving. I didn't mind him waking me again. We always do that so we can say I love you. I think I fell back asleep after that only to be woke up again around 8am by the dog barking. Darn dog! Then about 9:05am my son was ready to be up for the day.

I was a bit tired on Friday so we had a lazy day around our house. Stayed in our pj's and just lounged around the house all day. The kids and I didn't go anywhere until my hubby got home. He wanted to go get a car part so I showered and got dressed. I was tired! While hubby was getting his car part I nearly fell asleep in the truck waiting on him!

Luckily last night my son slept nearly all night. He woke up once but went back to sleep on his own without needing to be rocked. That makes it so much easier for me to fall back asleep! Here's hoping he'll sleep all night long tonight! Only time will tell!

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