Thursday, March 18, 2010

Second Day Of Spring Break

So today was the second day of spring break for my daughter from school. Did I get to sleep in today? Nope! The fact that I had a mid-morning doctor appointment and hubby was not going to work until I got back from the doctor (which means his alarm did not need to be set this morning) would make one think that everyone in my house would have got to sleep in this morning but that was NOT the case.

Well, even though hubby didn't NEED an alarm set this morning, he had one. At 7:55am his alarm went off. He forgot to disable it last night before going to bed. So much for sleeping in! I won't get to sleep in tomorrow either because hubby has to leave kind of early for work so when he gets up to get ready that will no doubt wake me up. Now, depending on if the kids wake up when he gets up will determine whether I actually have to get up or if I will get the chance to try and catch a bit more sleep. I won't know until in the morning. Here's hoping!

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