Friday, January 31, 2014

We'll See....

I have totally been neglecting my blog for months now! The last time I posted something on here was last August! That was nearly 6 months ago! Wow!

I completely failed at both my New Year's resolutions last year so this year for 2014, I have not set any resolutions. If I don't set any, I can't fail at them!

I do hope however to blog a bit more this year but only time will tell. It's already the end of January and well, I obviously haven't blogged until today so I'm not off to a good start at blogging this year, am I?

This morning my son who is now 5 said something that made me decide to write out a blog post. Anyone with kids or grandkids or even someone who just is around kids can probably relate to those oh so cute moments when kids says such fun and adorable things. We had one of those moments here at our house today, thus the reason for this post.

My son was asking me if he could play the Wii this morning. He just LOVES to play the Wii and would play it all day, every day, if I'd let him. Since I don't want him sitting in front of the TV all the time, I try to limit his Wii time so this morning when he asked, "Can I play Wii?", my answer to him was, "We'll see."

He didn't like my answer and his response back to me was, "We'll see doesn't get anything so we'll say yes." His little brain was thinking this morning. That's for sure!

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