Monday, December 17, 2012

New Brown Hat

Today while out shopping for some Christmas presents, I bought my son a brown foam hat that is similar to the hat Woody from the Toy Story movies wears. He is going through another phase of LOVING the Toy Story movies and characters again.

Ever since buying that hat, my son has been wearing it practically every minute he can! I walked past his room tonight and he was in there playing with his new hat on.

He then came out into the living room with his hat on and also a pair of gloves. Add the fact that he was also in his pj's and you have a CUTE little 4 year old boy! Mommy HAD to have a picture!

When I told my son I wanted a picture while running to his room he said, "No. Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" He then came back carrying his pirate Halloween costume. He wanted a picture in it.

I got the picture I wanted plus quite a few more. Daddy got some pictures too because my son kept wanting more and more pictures taken. He then had to look at them on the camera. Too funny!

I'm guessing the little guy will probably want to sleep with his new hat. I've got to say, it's one of the best dollars I've spent. Yep, only paid a dollar for that new brown foam hat at The Dollar Tree! What a deal I got! :-)

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