Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hancock Fabrics

Ok, so somebody help me out here? I received an e-mail from Hancock Fabrics with the coupon link pictured above in the e-mail.

Sooooo........I go to Hancock Fabrics this morning to purchase some nylon netting that was on sale for a great price. I stock up on all the colors which took awhile to cut which I knew it would so no worries there.

Well, when I get up to the cash register to pay, they say I can't use my coupon. The coupon THEY e-mailed me. The reason they say I can't use it is because what I purchased was on sale.

Ummmmm........doesn't the link they sent me for the coupon CLEARLY say, "Includes regular and sale priced items." ? So what part of my purchase being on sale made it NOT be included for the use of the coupon?

I am SO annoyed right now! Part of why I purchased so much was because I thought I was going to get to use the coupon. I wasted the ink, the paper, and the time printing the coupon. Grrrr!

When things like this happen it makes me not want to shop there anymore. Plus the manager at the particular store doesn't seem like the friendliest of people. Maybe I'll just start going to Hobby Lobby instead.

Ok, I'm done venting now. Thanks for reading!

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