Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Cream Thief

Earlier today my daughter shut her finger in the bathroom door and got her boo boo bag out of the freezer to hold onto her hurt finger. Well, whenever she has her boo boo bag my little guy who is now two and a half thinks he needs his as well so of course off to the freezer he went.

After her finger was feeling better she put her bag back in the freezer but he went and got it back out. Not too long after that I hear him back in the kitchen in the freezer. I just thought he was putting the boo boo bags back because he was finished with them.

I went in the kitchen and saw the freezer door open and the boo boo bags had been put back where they belonged. However the mint chocolate chip ice cream was not! My son had it open and was sitting on the floor with the ice cream scoop in hand trying to dish out some ice cream!

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