Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 2014 Promotion

For the month of July 2014, MeAndMomsCrafts is giving away items again!

Receive a free American flag cross-stitch pin with every order in July 2014! Pictured below is an example of the pin! The photo shows what the front and back of the pin look like. What a great way these little pins are to show your support for our American troops! You can pin it to your shirt, your jacket, your hat, your purse, your bag, or anywhere else you can think of!

In addition to the American flag cross-stitch pin offer, if you spend $7.00 or more at MeAndMomsCrafts in the month of July 2014, you will also receive a free nylon netting dish scrubbie. Pictured below is an example of just some of the many colors you might receive!

These dish scrubbies are GREAT for SO many things from not only scrubbing your dishes but also for scrubbing your veggies clean, or your toilet and even the bathtub/shower just to name a few! There are other uses for these dish scrubbies as well!

So come on over to MeAndMomsCrafts found here on Etsy to see if there is just something you just have to have so you can receive one or both of these free items depending on how much you decide to spend! Thanks so much for taking the time to look!